10 Worship Test

Church Worship Service flows from the key elements of church health.

Rate Your Church 1-10 on each of the following:

1. My church consistently teaches/preaches about glorifying God through the discipline of biblical worship.
2. The words of the songs my church sings in worship are biblically accurate.
3. My church’s worship leaders always direct my focus toward God and not the music, musicians, choir or themselves.
4.After the worship services at my church, I generally feel as if I have been in the presence of God.
5. The Bible plays a significant role in my church’s worship services.
6. I am inspired to live for God and grow in my personal worship as a result of participating in my church’s corporate worship.
7.I am completely unaware of time during my church’s worship services.
8. Worship is always inspiring because the center of attention is always God and His glory.
9. My church’s worship services could be characterized by the phrase: “He must increase and I must decrease.”
10. I never allow other events to keep me from attending my church’s worship services because they are too significant to my spiritual growth and inspiration Rate.

Meditate on each of the ten questions, give each question a value between 1-10, add up the numbers and if the total is less than 70 then this represents an area for church to focus on improvement.

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If you test below 70% on a category, it may indicate that you need to focus some time and resources on that category. If you test below 70% on more than three categories, your church needs to be concerned and take immediate action. Based upon the scores you might need to seek outside intervention, because many times the local church leaders are a key portion of the problem.

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