Resources to Gain and Maintain a Healthy Church
Resources to Gain and Maintain a Healthy Church has identified the following key areas to analyze and emphasize to maintain a healthy church. provides links to free internet resources to help you and your church in these areas.

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The internet is one of the greatest information, training and encouragement resources for churches. Not only use the information posted on our website, but to learn more do additional web searches on these and other important topics. Also let us learn from each other by posting a comment or question at:  Blogs/Comments

1. Prayer is Key

The article below (Guide for a Praying Church) focuses on “Scripture prayer”, praying God’s promises, commands and self-revelations that are imbedded in the Scriptures.  By doing this, we are claiming His promises. We are obeying His commands. There is no better way to pray.

A Praying Church

2. Vision & Mission Statement

The value of a church vision statement is that it gives the church a shared goal. Every church member needs to understand where the church is going. The Vision and Mission statements are the key ministry objectives of the church.

Writing a Vision & Mission Statement

3. Ministry Structure

The Church Vision (statement) drives the Mission and Organization (Ministries) of the church.

Church Organizational Alignment

4. Fellowship Training

Understanding the Biblical definition of fellowship and its importance to church health is critical.  “Fellowship is a relationship of inner unity among believers that expresses itself in outer co-participation with Christ and one another in accomplishing God’s will on earth.”  In other words, church fellowship builds unity of purpose in accomplishing the church’s ministries.

Importance of Church Fellowship

5. Community Focused

In many ways a church could learn from a football team. The game is not played in the huddle. Churches must break out of the huddle and execute the play/plan of reaching and ministering to the community!

3 Creative Ideas

4 Characteristics 

6. Discipleship Training

Discipleship is a Biblical process designed to bring people to spiritual maturity. Below is a link to some excellent free resources:

7. Leadership Training

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Mk. 10:43-45)

All church leaders need to have a servant attitude.

Training Church Leaders

8. Evangelism Training

Journey To Faith is a simple training program for any church. It requires no outside help, and all the material and resources are freely available to download from link below

Journey To Faith

9. Stewardship Training

Great five session video study addresses a number of critical areas of church life that may in fact be hindering your church from developing a healthy life stewardship culture. Below is a link to material with the five videos.

Creating a Biblical Stewardship Culture

10. Worship Training

Worship is not the eleven o’clock service. Worship flow out of a love and commitment to Christ.  In other words, our church service is not to prepare us for the coming week, but to celebrate God and His provision of the past week!

Evangelism & Discipleship, Giving & Praying, Grow Out of our service and commitment which is Worship; Not the One Hour a week of gathering together.

Wrong Ideas About Worship

What is Worship?

Turning the Ship (Church) Around!

A Church is much like a ship in that it takes a decision to change directions, action to change direction, and a wide area (large amount of time) to make the turn. Not easy, but necessary and can be accomplished.

Remember you are not alone and there are many resources available.


On-line Coaching

We can serve as your accountability partner, monitoring, encouraging and giving feedback to you throughout the process. Churches, leaders, and members are all creatures of habit and in our sinfulness and inflexibility we tend to avoid the tough stuff. Coaching is an indispensable part of the hard task of revitalization. Click on: Online Coaching