09 Stewardship Test

Church Stewardship is a good indication of a Church’s health.

Rate Your Church 1-10 on each of the following:

1. Our church provides instruction on stewardship (of time, talent, and financial resources) for our members?
2. Our church provides instruction on financial generosity (giving joyfully and sacrificially) for our members?
3. Our church gives generous portions of the annual budget to local and international missions?
4. Our church provides for those in need within our fellowship of believers, including the unemployed, the widowed and single parents.
5. Our church operates within the church’s annual budget.
6. Our church operates with financial integrity and accountability.
7. We are living out stewardship and generosity in our church.
8. Giving of time and money to church ministries encouraged regular by church leadership.
9. All church leaders encourage service and financial support of church
10. All members are visible in service and are perceived to be financial supporters of church.

Meditate on each of the ten questions, give each question a value between 1-10, add up the numbers and if the total is less than 70 then this represents an area for church to focus on improvement.

If you have questions are would like to leave a comment see menu above.

If you test below 70% on a category, it may indicate that you need to focus some time and resources on that category. If you test below 70% on more than three categories, your church needs to be concerned and take immediate action. Based upon the scores you might need to seek outside intervention, because many times the local church leaders are a key portion of the problem.

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