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A Healthy Church
A Healthy Church

Church Revitalization

Revitalizing a weak (unhealthy church) is much like restoring an individual or an athletic program to physical health.

Returning to health usually starts with physical assessment which determines the problem areas and then a plan is put into place to address the areas that need correcting. Having a partner (a coach or trainer) to help with the assessment, determining the process to address the problem areas, and then monitor and encourage the individual or team in the revitalization (playing the game).

Revitalization of an unhealthy (sick/dying) church is not quick and easy, sometimes having a coach or trainer is vital for success. Turning a church around is much like turning a boat or ship, the size (members) and weight (size/sickness) determines the energy and time needed to turn (restore to health). Implementing change will mean that priorities will shift; years of the way we’ve always done ministry will change. It means the hard work of changing behaviors will be addressed and those things that were long shoved under the rug of ministry will have to be faced.

Online Coach

As a coach or trainer. we can serve as your accountability partner, monitoring, encouraging and giving feedback to you throughout the process. Churches, leaders, and members are all creatures of habit and in our sinfulness and inflexibility we tend to avoid the tough stuff. Coaching is an indispensable part of the hard task of revitalization.

How does On-line Coaching work? First send us an email or through the contact form from the above menu. Then we will lead you through the following process:

Coaching Process

1. Church Health Check-Up (Pulse Checks – Vitality Measures for Congregations)

We have listed a number of areas where a church needs to do a self-assessment. This can be done by the church staff/leaders or by the whole congregation.

2. Send us the summary results and any comments.

3. We will send you a list of suggestions and resources to develop a plan/program for recovery.

4. We will come along side to monitor and encourage you each step of the way (as much as you desire) to health

5. We will celebrate with you in the Victory!

Is there a fee? Our services are FREE, there is no financial obligation on part of a church or church staff, however we welcome donations to support our ministry.

It also can be confidential. that is as a pastor or church leaders you may realize that the church is unhealthy in an area and want to focus on those areas without calling it to the attention of the whole church.

Below are two articles that shed light on the concept of coaching churches in the revitalization process.


Quick Church Health Exam