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Reset is a process that guides your congregation to:
•Reflect on where you are currently
•Refocus on why you exist
•Re-engage with the lost in your community
•Re-energize your believers for personal growth and disciple-making

21 questions to ask about the church – separated into three categories: Perceptions, People
and Programs.


1. Would the church be described as declining instead of healthy and growing?
2. Would the church be described as functioning, but not a place where there was a noticeable presence and/or movement of the Holy Spirit?
3. Is the church more nostalgic for the past than excited for the future?
4. Has the church lost its purpose?
5. Does the church have a maintenance mentality instead of a growth mentality?
6. Is there a reluctance to change among church members?
7. Would you or others say there is a lack of a unified dir ection from the leaders in the church?


1.Is the community in decline or transition?
2. Has the median age of church members become substantially older?
3.Is there a lack of guests regularly attending the church and becoming members?
4. Have baptisms declined or plateaued in the last 5 years?
5. Have significant numbers of members left the church over the past 5 years for churches that better “meet their needs?”
6. Are there any unresolved conflicts or issues distracting the church from kingdom work?
7. Have the finances of the church declined in the last


1. Have Sunday School or Small Group numbers declined or plateaued in the last five years?
2. Does the church lack an effective way to connect with your guests, share the gospel and integrate them into the life of the church?
3. Does the church lack an intentional prayer strategy for the lost?
4. Has the church had three or more pastors in the last 10 years?
5. Would you or others say you do not have a vibrant youth and children’s program?
6. Has the church cut any ministry due to financial decline within the last 5 years?
7. Does the church give to missions, but not have many members personally participating in missions or local ministries?
If “YES” to 10 or more of the questions, the church may need revitalization. A “YES” to any questions is an opportunity for a strategic ministry shift.

Also, under the menu tab “Health Check” above you can find questions on 10 topics that will also help you analyze the sate of your church.

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