Demographic Data

healthy church 10Looking at the social and demographic characteristics of the local community (church ministry area) sheds light on the people to which your church  ministers. Knowing the potential ministry opportunities compared with the knowledge of your church’s trends in membership, average worship attendance, and financial giving  will shed light on your congregational strength and whether current patterns indicate growth, decline or stability.

Below are links to some great Demographic resources:


Great tool. You can vary the distance from the church. Shows age groups, educational, income, etc. General information useful to any denomination. Great tool – must do step 3 – click on centre point before reports button is active.


Just enter your zip code in the left column under free Zip Code Finder. Provides lots of demographic data for the specific zip code.


2010 U.S. Congregational Membership Report for your area (put in Zip code)

The above free resources will supply your church with enough data to access its potential and state of health.

Quick Church Health Exam