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Evaluating Church Health

Resources to Evaluate Church Health

Viewed through the lens of most research today,churches are in the midst of a health crisis and have been for many years. Recent data from one of the largest denominations in America shows  that between 2007 and 2012, only 27 percent of reporting  churches experienced growth. Forty-three percent were plateaued and 30 percent declined. One study looking at worship service attendance in 2010 showed that less than 10% of that same denomination’s churches would be considered healthy.

Community Focus is Critical

These trends seem to be consistent accross denominations and should concern everyone. Most of the churches that are dying  have a hollow, ineffective presence in their communities.  But many of those  churches have members with a heart for the gospel who want to reach their communities for Christ. The goal for this ministry is to provide support for those churches who want to return to good health.  Resources can be found in the following categories.

1.    Demographic Data (Church Area)

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6.  Dr. Thom Rainer

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