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A Healthy Church
A Healthy Church

Church Revitalization

Birth, healing/revitalization, and “resurrecting of the dead” all come from the same power source, “God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost“!

Nothing is impossible with God.  Not only do all of the above rely on the power of God, but there are also many common elements among the “birth of a new church plant”, “revitalizing a sick/dying church” and “a dead church’s resurrection”.

The comments and suggestions of the topics of the “drop down” menu under “New Life” in the main menu above shed light on how God uses us in the process.

Not only do we summarize our thoughts on these subjects we have posted links to a number of articles and resources.

New Life for Dying Churches

For example, the following statements are taken from the article written by Dr. Thom Rainer which is linked beneath the comments:

“I took a look at a few churches that had all the signs of impending death and then turned around to life. All of them of which I have knowledge were located in dramatically shifting demographics.

They weren’t merely churches that were unhealthy; they were dying. Even the most casual observer would have predicted the imminent demise of these congregations. They were truly sick unto death. So how did these churches do it?

Though each of the stories I examined has its own nuances, I did find some common themes. Please take careful note. My brief blogpost is not a quick-fix solution to dying churches. To the contrary, it’s the story of six radical steps taken by key members in each of the churches.”

Six Radical Steps to New Life

Also, Rick Warren has 4 steps to return to health in the following prescription for a “Healthy Church” in his book “The Purpose Driven Church” He advocates that we:

1. define our purposes
2. communicate our purposes
3. organize around our purposes
4. apply our purposes

Dying’s strategy is similar to Warren’s however we believe that prayer, both individual & corporate is the most critical element then followed by his steps 1-4. We also have expanded his steps 1-4 into smaller bites in the specific sequence (under New Life in menu above) with every step bathed in corporate prayer.

Quick Church Health Exam