Growing Churches

[slider] Below is list of churches that I have visited in the past 24 months that are experiencing tremendous growth? I believe the mainline denominations need to evaluate these churches to see what the common elements are and possible incorporate some of them in their churches.


City Hope Church – Mobile AL

Church of Highlands – Birmingham AL

The Rock – Huntsville AL

River Ridge  – Charleston West Virginia

Summit Crossing – Huntsville AL


Some common elements:

1) All of the above churches have a plan/vision for growth. They focus on visitors, that is they plan for them starting at the parking lot (attendants), greeters at door, visitor center, coffee (can take into church), people to point you to a seat, theater seating, free to come late while everyone is standing for music. – majority of church buys in!
2) Staffed and resources for all age group children
3) A significant number of musicians & singers at age of targeted audience (under age 40)
4) Large use of technology , cameras, big screen, video, etc
5) Have a Christ centered gospel of acceptance (part of a team) with a concept of growth/involvement/service through a “next step” concept.(freedom to grow at own pace)
6) One of the church’s actually never mention giving/offering but have offering drop boxes at exits.