06 Fellowship Test

Church Fellowship is a very important element to church health.

Rate Your Church 1-10 on each of the following:

1. Church is careful not to overburden staff members and volunteers so that there is no time for relationships.
2. Church has developed strategies for extending fellowship to those who are not part of the church.
3. There are regular sermons focusing on the significance of fellowship in the life of the church.
4. Church provides opportunities to build relationships by praying together.
5. Church maintains contact with members/prospects who are away from home & those in leadership in age groups other than their own.
6. Church provides opportunities to build fellowship through ongoing outreach, evangelism, and ministry.
7. Church provides opportunities to build relationships through fellowship activities beyond Sunday.
8. Church has created an environment of grace, acceptance, support, and encouragement.
9. Church encourages new believers to unite with the church through baptism.
10. Church members provide an environment that encourages a sense of belonging and acceptance for everyone.

Meditate on each of the ten questions, give each question a value between 1-10, add up the numbers and if the total is less than 70 then this represents an area for church to focus on improvement.

If your church seems to fail this quick test, we recommend that you use our more detailed test that is found from menu above under “Health Check”.

If you have questions are would like to leave a comment see menu above.

If you test below 70% on a category, it may indicate that you need to focus some time and resources on that category. If you test below 70% on more than three categories, your church needs to be concerned and take immediate action. Based upon the scores you might need to seek outside intervention, because many times the local church leaders are a key portion of the problem.

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