08 Evangelism Test

Church Evangelism is the how we implement the Great Commission.

Rate Your Church 1-10 on each of the following:

1. Our church shows concern lost souls in our community.
2. Our church intentionally and creatively explore ways to make our presentation of the gospel relevant to unbelievers.
3. Our church trains and equips our members to effectively present the gospel to those outside the Christian faith.
4. Our church is passing on faith in Christ to the next generation.
5. Our church demonstrate acts of love, justice, and mercy to people who are in need.
6. Our church attends to the needs of the world’s most impoverished people.
7. Our Church is living out an outward focus.
8. Our church has regular community outreach events.
9. Our church leadership regularly mentions need to evangelize community.
10. Our corporate prayers mention our desire for salvation of the lost.

Meditate on each of the ten questions, give each question a value between 1-10, add up the numbers and if the total is less than 70 then this represents an area for church to focus on improvement.

If you have questions are would like to leave a comment see menu above.

If you test below 70% on a category, it may indicate that you need to focus some time and resources on that category. If you test below 70% on more than three categories, your church needs to be concerned and take immediate action. Based upon the scores you might need to seek outside intervention, because many times the local church leaders are a key portion of the problem.

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