07 Community Focus

Many churches alow the local community to become a neglected mission field. The church needs to desire to be the heart and soul of the community. How does your church rate in the following areas:

1. Church regularly prays for community?
2. Church regularly has community focused events?
3. Church membership has large number from local community?
4. Community leaders are members of church?
5. Church ministers to young people of the community?
6. Church has a website and uses social media to inform the community?
7. Church provides financial support to needy in the community?
8. Church members are involved in service activities for the community?
9. Church provides family activities for the community?
10. Community sees the church in a positive manner?

Meditate on each of the ten questions, give each question a value between 1-10, add up the numbers and if the total is less than 70 then your church possibly needs to put additional prayer and focus on the local community.

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If you test below 70% on a category, it may indicate that you need to focus some time and resources on that category. If you test below 70% on more than three categories, your church needs to be concerned and take immediate action. Based upon the scores you might need to seek outside intervention, because many times the local church leaders are a key portion of the problem.

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