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Healthy Church Checkup
Evaluate Church’s Health

Evaluation: Examine Self –   a penetrating examination of our churches condition in a number of important areas.

1. Purpose – This is the mission of the organization. Though all the other elements are required for a healthy organization, a clear purpose is the most important. Without this, the most common question is “Why do we exist?”

2. Strategy – This is the current plan to carry out the purpose of the organization. It may (and should) change through the years. Without a strategy, the most common question is “What should we do?”

3. leadership development.

4. Organization:Structure – The structure of your organization needs to support the strategy you embrace. Just like the bone structure in our body changes as our body grows, the structure must stay fluid as your organization grows. Without structure, the most common question is “Who is responsible?”

  • Worship – to tell Jesus how much we love him
  • Discipleship – to help us become more like Jesus
  • Fellowship – to love each other more
  • Ministry – to meet people’s needs
  • Evangelism – to bring people to Jesus

5. People – You have to build a solid team to accomplish the purpose of your organization. Outside of the purpose, I believe it’s the next most important aspect of a healthy organization. Without good people in the right roles, the most common question is “Who is with us?”

6. Systems – The systems clarify the processes for carrying out the strategy. Within a church, systems are the simple, replicable processes to help people move from where they are to where God wants them to be. Without them, the most common questions is “How should we do this?”

7. Community Focus – Learning and growing in community

8. Metrics – Theses numbers and heart-change stories provide the measure for whether or not the purpose is being accomplished. A lack of supporting data may mask an unhealthy organization even where life-change stories are prevalent. A lack of life-change s1ories may mask an unhealthy organization even when numbers look positive. Without metrics, the most common question is “Are we accomplishing our mission?”

9. Prayer

10. Giving


12 Characteristics of a Healthy Church

Characteristics of a Healthy Church

On this website not only will you find tools, resources, and information on how to evaluate the condition of your church, but also tools, resources and information on how to bring your church back to a healthy state.

Under “Resources” in the menu above are links/information on a number of good resources. A number of experts advise churches to use an outside advisor/coach to serve as their accountability partner, monitoring, encouraging and giving feedback to them through out the process. Churches, leaders, and members are all creatures of habit and in our sinfulness and stuckness we tend to avoid the tough stuff. Someone to support you as an adviser or Coach is an indispensable part of the hard task of revitalization.

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