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Did you know…

The United States makes up the 3rd largest mission field in the world



  • Only 18 percent of the U.S. population goes to church in a given week
  • The average church size is 75 in worship
  • 90 percent of churches are declining or on a plateau in worship attendance
  • 50 congregations in the United States close every week

Many congregations are faced with declining membership and resources for a variety of reasons. When this happens, the natural tendency is to focus on survival issues, and the Great Commission suffers.

What can be done to change this?

Revitalization. Key to turning around congregations are attitudinal changes that come with a renewed sense of mission and welcoming new members who have come to faith in Jesus through the personal witnessing

First Step – Honest Assessment 

The first step in Revitalization is doing an honest assessment. Can your church face the leadership challenge that is required to turn things around? Or, has your church been on a downward trajectory for so long that you have lost the critical mass needed to survive? Is it time to start something new?

Eight Principles to Revitalizing Your Church

What to do when church is declining

On this website not only will you find tools, resources, and information on how to evaluate the condition of your church, but also tools, resources and information on how to bring your church back to a healthy state.

Under “Resources” in the menu above are links/information on a number of good resources. A number of experts advise churches to use an outside adviser/coach to serve as their accountability partner, monitoring, encouraging and giving feedback to them through out the process. Churches, leaders, and members are all creatures of habit and in our sinfulness and stuckness we tend to avoid the tough stuff. Someone to support you as an adviser or Coach is an indispensable part of the hard task of revitalization.

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