Early Stages

Early Symptons of a Dying Church
Early Symptoms

Just a quick assessment of your church’s commitment to the great commission is one of the top indicators of church health, there are a number of other ones. We have put together a list of 11 with both a test and a description of each.

If the above quick assessment indicates that your church is unhealthy, you might consider doing  a deeper evaluation using our more extensive tests:  Church Health Tests

On this website not only will you find tools, resources, and information on how to evaluate the condition of your church, but also tools, resources and information on how to bring your church back to a healthy state.

Under “Resources” in the menu above are links/information on a number of good resources. A number of experts advise churches to use an outside adviser/coach to serve as their accountability partner, monitoring, encouraging and giving feedback to them through out the process. Churches, leaders, and members are all creatures of habit and in our sinfulness and stuckness we tend to avoid the tough stuff. Someone to support you as an adviser or Coach is an indispensable part of the hard task of revitalization.

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