Characteristics Of A Healthy Church

What is the Health of Your Church?

It is important for every church to have a regular spiritual evaluation much like and individual has a regular health checkup. The goal of the annual physical is to catch a health issue before it becomes a major problem, the same is true for a church’s spiritual checkup. Is your church healthy?

When we look at our church, what do we see?

Do we see people…

  1. with a Common Vision?
  2. praying together?
  3. coming to Christ?
  4. growing in Christ?
  5. a hunger for God?
  6. studing God’s Word?
  7. loving and caring for each other?
  8. working together?
  9. serving with their gifts?
  10. handling conflict constructively?
  11. living and giving generously and sacrificially?
  12. helping hurting people?
  13. people trusting the leaders?
  14. new leaders being trained?
  15. engaging God in worship?
  16. Do we see God working in the lives of our church members?
  17. Are we making a difference in our community?

If you have a number of these where you answered NO instead of YES, you need to do the more detailed assessment of your church using the categories under “Health Check” from the Main Menu above.