30 Second Test

“How to Spot a Healthy Church in 30 Seconds” is a quick test that allows for simple church health evaluation. Below is just a few items to evaluate taken from the article mentioned above.

Quick 30 Second Test of Church Health

  • people are friendly and speak to me.
  • I see signs of mission involvement and evangelism.
  • there’s an air of expectancy.
  • the church has children.
  • people are carrying their Bibles.
  • warmth.
  • a variety of age groups.
  • in the parking lot and at the front door, servants are showing me Jesus in their very actions.

If your church seems to fail this quick test, we recommend that you use our more detailed test that is found from menu above under “Health Check”.

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The above summary of the article referenced is to build your awareness of the need for revitalization of unhealthy churches and expose you to a number of free resources to aid a church in its commitment to return to a healthy state.